Lenovo yoga book hard reset

Note : Before restoring computer to factory settings, you can try to boost the stuck or slow laptop with the professional Windows system optimizing tool - Windows Boot Genius. Note : "Keep my files" setting allow you to reset Windows 10 without losing any data.

It will uninstall all programs on your computer but won't touch other files. System image allows creating a backup of all your files, settings and applications at this specific point.

Yoga Book Recovery Menu

When computer went into trouble, you can restore to that point to optimize your PC. To create a backup, just click start menu and type "backup", click on "File History" and choose "System image backup". Then click "Create a system image" and choose a location in your computer to save the backup. To restore Windows 10 computer from system image, return to the "Reset this PC" menu in method 1, but this time, click "Restart" now.

When your PC restarts, you'll be given the option to reinstall Windows from the system image you created. Now you've got to know how to factory reset Lenovo Windows 10 laptop clearly. If you have any trouble during the restoring process, feel free to contact us! Windows 10 has attracted many people with its new virtual desktops and task view, improved start menu, universal apps and many other new features.

Recently, some Lenovo users have encountered trouble after upgrading to the new windows version; including PC running slow and stuck, system disk has been attacked by virus, system crash etc. Reset Lenovo Windows 10 laptop to default setting will be the most convenient way to fix all these issue, but not easy for everyone.

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Close it.The Chromebook laptops are fast and reliable, but from time to time these are starting to show signs of fatigue due to various reasons like too many installed extensions, no internal storage free space, and similar other problems.

Before starting the factory reset because of bad Chromebook performance you should try and disable all extensions one by one, in order to see if you can find the problem. Feel free to go to the Settings menu, open the Extensions tab and disable each extension one at a time.

lenovo yoga book hard reset

You should backup all the important data before starting the Factory Reset of your Lenovo Chromebook device, as no file is going to survive the wiping process. Make sure to backup all your data to your Drive cloud storage first and then read the tutorial below.

lenovo yoga book hard reset

These were all the steps you had to take to complete the factory reset for your device. If you need more help you can tell us in comments below. A new box will load, click the Powerwash option. Click Continue to confirm the process. Now the Chromebook Lenovo C will reboot and wipe all the data from its storage completely.

Click the account photo located on the home screen taskbar. Click the Settings gear icon. Scroll down and find the Advanced options. Find Powerwash section.

Click Powerwash, and then click Restart option.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10-inch (Android) Forgot Password - HARD RESET How To -- GSM GUIDE

In the new box that loads you can click Powerwash, then click Continue option. The Chromebook will reboot in normal mode and the new account you enter will become the Owner account.Powerful password recovery software to recover password for Windows Microsoft account, local account, and domain account, without setting computer to factory mode and no data lost.

Easy, safe and efficient data backup solution. Supports almost all Windows systems! However, if you also forgot the administrator password, how to reset your Lenovo laptop to factory settings without password?

If you have found the Recovery Key, go on to the steps below to restore your Lenovo laptop. Power off your Lenovo laptop. If you can't turn off it normally, you can take out of the battery, and then connect it again. Click on "Start"and click on "Yes" when the prompt message pups up, to begin the restoration process. Wait for the system recovery process to complete, and then follow the on-screen instructions to configure your Lenovo laptop Windows settings. If there is no Onekey Recovery on your Lenovo laptop, or you have clean installed the system on your laptop and cleared the system drive, and the Recovery file is removed or destroyed, this method would not work for you.

But on this way, you will need to select your user account and enter the password to get the resetting privileges. If you forgot your Lenovo laptop passwordthis way won't work for you. If boot well from the setup disk, you will see the installation screen come up, click on Next. Click on the " Repair your computer" link on the left bottom of screen.

Hard Reset Lenovo Laptop to factory settings without password

There will be two options to choose: "Keep my files" and "Remove everything". Select the "Remove everything" option to remove all of your personal files on the system drive, or it will not help to remove the forgotten password from your user account. Of cause, if you don't need to remove your user account and password, select "Keep my files" to keep your personal files. Select the drive that you will refresh, "Only the drive where Windows is install"or "All drives". There also are two options to choose on the following step: "Just remove my files" or "Full clean the drive".

Select the appropriate option according to your need. At last, click on "Reset" button, this will begin the resetting process.

Top 2 Ways to Reset Lenovo Windows 10 Laptop to Factory Settings

Before the resetting process, make sure your important data are backed up, once they are erased, they can't be recovered from your PC anymore. Make sure your Lenovo laptop is plugged into power during the process of restoration, once the recovery process is started, can't be paused or stopped. Windows Password Tuner. Download Buy.

Cocosenor Backup Tuner. Click on "Troubleshoot" on the Choose an option screen. Click on "Reset this PC" on the Troubleshoot screen.Factory resetalso known as hard reset, is a fast and easy way for your devices to return it to the original factory settings.

It is pretty easy to solve these issues with Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 factory reset and Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 hard reset process. Soft resetalso known as soft rebootis the restarting or rebooting of a device like a computer, smartphone or tablet.

It closes all applications and clears any data in random access memory. Soft resetting is usually performed to repair malfunctioning applications. If you access your Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 factory data reset menuyou can completely erase all the data, settings and content on your device. This process will turn it to factory default settings like the first day of your tablet. If you want to reset your device to factory defaults, make sure you know your Google Account and Passwordbecause you will need to login at the end of the reset.

You can finish Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 factory reset process via settings menu by following the below steps. After a few minutes, your device will reboot and factory data reset process finishes.

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First opening can be a little longer than usual. At the welcome screen, login your Google account and you can start Restore Data process. If you are not able to reach the settings menu, you can do Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 hard reset process via recovery mode. Usually, recovery mode is usable when you forget pattern lock or screen lock, the phone stuck in boot logo or restarts itself constantly. You can finish Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 hard reset process via recovery mode by following the below steps.AS automatically boot up with restart and shutdown shows user account option with password input doesn't accept password keys.

Hello Mohivamp Thanks for using the Lenovo forums. Try to see if you are able to perform a factory reset on the unit. Note: Please back up all your data as running this reset will delete any data on your machine 1. Turn the machine off and press the recovery button which is located usually next to the power button.

lenovo yoga book hard reset

If you have a desktop machine you will need to power the machine back on and keep tapping the F2 key. Use the arrow keys and press enter on system recovery. Desktop users can skip this 3. Length of time can vary depending on the speed of the machine. If these steps do not work I would recommend, that you call your local Lenovo support line for a possible service.

Below is the link to the phone list where you can find these numbers. Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.


Thank them with a Kudo! If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an " Accepted Solution "! This will help the rest of the Community with similar issues identify the verified solution and benefit from it. As I recall, when pin codes were first introduced in Windows they were four digit codes like the ones banks use. I think now you can use more digits if you wish. Once you are signed in you will be able to connect to your wifi using it's security password assuming there is one.

Usually I'd expect the wifi password to be different to your account password but I guess there may be some people who would use the same one for both, but it's not a good idea. With glance as you said, i have tried both The situation have errors to login.

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Restart again. While in nevo menu when try with standard mode for system recovery ask bitlocker key after successful entering W. Defends offline Scan begins and show auto repairing after a while display login account with pin or password as you said but nothing is retore except with no difference as like previous just begin auto restart and shutdown with 2 minutes.

The large print: please read the Community Participation Rules before posting. Include as much information as possible: model, machine type, operating system, and a descriptive subject line.

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Do not include personal information: serial number, telephone number, email address, etc. The fine print: I do not work for, nor do I speak for Lenovo. Unsolicited private messages will be ignored - questions and answers belong in the forum so that others may contribute and benefit.Yes I have a Yoga I upgraded it to Windows because it showed up and it messed up my computer. Locks up now sometimes after sleep, basically it wont wake up.

My question is if I do a factory reset will that be like when I first bought it or does it just reinstall the current version of Windows 10 that I have on the system. I've asked a few people I know and they are saying that some computers have there own factory image while others are saying it just reinstalls Windows 10 current version.

If you want to roll back your Windows version to its previous build, you don't need to perform a factory reset on your laptop. You can try the steps below. To get started, click Start and then Settings. In the sidebar, choose Recovery. Click the Get Started link under Go back to the previous version of Windows Click Next once more after reading the prompt. View All. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

See our Sustainability Report. This website uses cookies. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Learn More. APP Download. All Forum Topics. LenovoSupport Social Support Agent. Thank you for using community forums! Let us know how it goes. Forum Home. Community Guidelines Please review our Guidelines before posting. Check out current deals! Go Shop.While resetting I have chosen to "Remove file and clean drive" which is not normal clean up and in this process it asked to "clear TPM " or not, I have chosen Yes.

Now after finishing the Reset process, it enters to "Preparing Bitlocker recovery" and asking "Enter the recovery key to get going again", I do not have any password. I have tried to reset the Windows again, but its still taking to same Bitlocker recovery process. Firstly, I noticed when right-clicking on a local drive, the default action at the top of the list was "turn on bitlocker" so every time I double-clicked the wizard ran.

I never once needed it. The recovery key will always unlock Bitlocker, and from there you can update the TPM. You're going to have to use a Linux utility or live cd or something and blast the drive clean. The Bitlocker information is still on the drive. Install this and delete all the partitions during the install. Which essentially means you will be installing from scratch and all the programs need to be reinstalled. Even worse - you have to get rid of all of the crap that W10 comes with Purble Palace or what ever the heck This means that the drive will become unreadable, and im not sure if you can easily recover it using the windows recover utility.

If you don't have the bitlocker key - I think you are pretty much at the point of just reloading the machine from scratch. If this is a domain joined laptop, when set up correctly the bitlocker recovery key should be held in AD, go on the computers properties and the bitlocker recovery tab which should list the keys for that device, the most recent being the most likely.

I recently came across a situation in which a friend had a computer that he couldn't access. Linux allowed us to change the admin password and bypass bitlocker's recovery key process. Other than that, you would have to start from scratch. My understanding was that you need professional tools to bypass BitLocker even without Secure Boot.

We used Dislocker, but again that was specifically to change the password and I wanted to backup files if we couldn't gain access to the system. Not sure if this method still works or not, but if the device uses a Microsoft account to login you can use a recovery key stored on your Onedrive. The TPM stored the encryption key for the drive.

When you wiped it you deleted the encryption key that was stored. At this point you will either need to perform a full reformat, or locate a copy of the encryption key stored elsewhere. When the drive was encrypted you would have been prompted to store that on a USB, or in a file somewhere.

lenovo yoga book hard reset

If it is a domain joined machine, it is also possible it was stored in AD. This will require the Feature administration Tool "Bitlocker Password Recovery Viewer" to be enabled and installed on the device you are trying to access it from.

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If you boot the PC using recovery media, you can bypass Bitlocker if you input the recovery key, if you have it on file. There is a command line that will allow you to turn off bitlocker, it's something along these lines:. To my knowledge, BitLocker is only on Enterprise flavors of Windows OS, which means it should be in a domain corporate environment.

The only way out of this is to format the drive and start again.

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