Horse racing data files

A CSV file is like a table of data but in basic format. It consists of values numbers, words, dates in columns and rows separated by a character such as a comma. This is data in it's raw format as opposed to being neatly presented on a web page with fancy tables and colours. A typical CSV file looks like this:. The first row contains the Header information. This explains what each column consists of.

In this example the first column contains the date of the race and the second column contains the name of the horse. The second and subsequent rows then contain the actual data. CSV files are versatile in that they can be imported into any spreadsheet or database. Importing will format the data back into specific cells, which makes viewing, ordering and analysing data much more easier. Our database is based on MySQL format. But those wishing to download our data may be using different SQL type programs or some may just be using spreadsheets.

There are many different types of database and spreadsheet so it would be very inefficient if we generated data files for each type of database or spreadsheet. That is where a CSV format file comes in handy. We can generate a universal file and users can then import it into their own application with ease. Nearly all our stats and systems reports have CSV download facilities. If a table is generated then there will either be an Excel icon, with hover text stating 'click here to download into your own spreadsheet or database', or on some tables there is a large Export button.

This button has more options in that you can export as CSV, directly as an Excel. FlatStats subscribers require our data in CSV format so that they can run data through their own spreadsheets or databases. If you have a requirement do work on data in your own program then our CSV files are for you. Your browser will download the files automatically.

What happens next depends on if your device has a spreadsheet and if it is configured to automatically open CSV files. The most common spreadsheet is Microsoft Excel. Sometimes a cut-down version is bundled with new PCs, or you may have bought it as part of a Microsoft Office package.

The most common free spreadsheets are OpenOffice and LibreOffice.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Horse racing data has been hoarded by a few companies, enabling them to effectively extort the public for access to any worthwhile historical amount.

Compared to other sports where historical data is easily and freely available to use and query as you please, racing data in most countries is far harder to come by and is often only available with subscriptions to expensive software.

The aim of this tool is to provide a way of gathering large amounts of historical results data at no cost. You must have Python 3. You can download the latest Python release here.

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You can download GIT here. Each region has a 2 or 3 letter code like "ire" for Ireland or "gb" for Great Britain. You can show the list of region codes with the following command:. The other possibility for the first option is that of a specific course. Courses codes are numeric and up to 4 digits long. To view the course codes, use the courses option as shown in the following example.

Note: When scraping jumps data the year you enter is when the season started, i. In the above example, Cheltenham races from the season are scraped, the Greatwood and the festival will be included but not the festival.

horse racing data files

Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Scrape horse racing results data to CSV.TrackMaster Past Performances is for the traditionalist who wants to see handicapping data in the standard race format like you're used to at the track. Additional charges apply. Welcome To TrackMaster Past Performances TrackMaster Past Performances is for the traditionalist who wants handicapping information in the standard format just like you're used to at the track, but also includes many features not found anywhere else.

All the constantly updated, accurate information you need to play the races is right at your fingertips. This product provides the same reliable information you've come to expect in a traditional race program such as post time, race conditions, purse, available wagers, program number, post position, morning line odds, pedigree, owner, jockey, trainer, etc. There are also data files used with the TrackMaster PPs software as well as other third party applications.

They are available for download 24 hours a day, often several days ahead of the races depending on the track schedule.

CSV Files for Horse Racing

You can select exactly what to print, whether it's one race or an entire race card and even save the file to your computer for later viewing. Other data elements include track, date, race, distance, surface, track condition, fractional and final race times, calls with lengths back, jockey, odds, and top finishers.

Speed figures are for horses and measure performance in a single race. Class ratings are for races and judge the level of competition. For all ratings, the higher the number the better.

Click here for details and an important notice about our exclusive ratings. These figures tell you how fast a horse has been performing. It is based on the horse's actual time and other factors, such as the composition and condition of the track. The class rating for a race is made up of a weighted average of the previous speed figures from the horses entered in that race. The number is basically a projection of what the expected winning speed figure would be for that particular race.

If a race was taken off the turf and moved to the dirt, a black box will appear if moved to a poly track, a black diamond to the right of the distance. For turf routes only, located in parenthesis in the horses running line after the comments. Simply click on the track name in the header of each race, or on the footer of each page to access StatsMaster. XML Data File - A single data file using a simple and flexible text-based programming language for data exchange.

Click here for a translation of the xml data fields. Click here and follow the instructions to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader software for viewing pdf files. To install this program, click the link above and save the file to your computer's desktop or other easily accessed location. Next, double click on the file to run the TrackMaster PPs setup program. Follow the on-screen prompts to automatically load the software onto your system. Note: If you are no longer able to automatically download race cards, please see our help section on how to manually download data files from our web site into the software.

If you encounter a problem while installing the software please try the following tips: 1 Make sure that your user profile has administrator privileges to install and run software on the computer being used. Data files used with TrackMaster PPs come in an executable EXE format and are automatically downloaded to the proper location from within the software.

If your software is no longer able to automatically download race cards, please follow the steps below for manually downloading data files into the TrackMaster software, a video tutorial is provided for your convenience.

horse racing data files

After you are done downloading a race card, close down your internet web browser and launch the TrackMaster PPs software. The race cards you have downloaded will be available to select by clicking on the "Change" icon inside the program.You can choose which fields you wish to download such as basic racecard information horse name, age, gender, trainer and more advanced information such as pareto status, and FlatStats ratings data rating, position in the ratings, raw sire scores.

horse racing data files

To download data first select the information you wish to download and then select a date or range of dates you wish to download usually the information goes back six months. When you click the download button your browser should offer to save the CSV file or load it up in your default spreadsheet.

horse racing data files

For the current days racing information you can also 'hotlink' directly to your data. Click on the Direct Link link and the most current data will be available to you. You can either bookmark that link or automate a script in your spreadsheet to retrieve the data.

Standard Racecard Data This shows basic racecard information such as the date, time, course, horse and type of race. Stats Grid Data This download has columns and contains comprehensive stats information for the horse, sire, trainer and jockey for various conditions such as the course, distance, type of race, type of course.

You can choose to download this information for today only or for all races for the past 7 days. Historic Data This is the same information as the Standard Racecard Data but allows you to access this information going back many months. FlatStats subscribers use this page to download FlatStats information in CSV format so that they can use the data in their own database or spreadsheet. I'm new to horseracing but realized very quickly that the whole handicapping thing is a programmer's dream come true.

Does your data include all American racehorses, tracks, jockeys, etc?

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What is the span of the CSV files? I mean, do I get the data for one horse per file going back 15 years or do I get all horses per csv file? Is each file paid for separately? These downloads are included in the subscription cost - there is nothing extra to pay. Note that if you can not code or use databases then we still provide plenty of tools for the novice, casual, and more expert handicapper.

In particular our Racing System Builder is very comprehensive and very fast. We wrote thousands of lines of code in order to produce an interface that is easy for researching systems and stats. Hi Phil, Before I subscribe, do you have an old data file I can view? Also, is the data accessible via XML? I intend to develop a web app. Do you recommend a service to cover National Hunt? I want to find the favourites that win on any race card can you tell me how please.

I am trying to find the longest sequence of wins at a 3 card event on racing days thanks andrew. Andrew, You can work this out using our data downloads but a quicker and easier way is to use our Racing System Builder.

Using that feature you can run a report for 1. Days that had 3 flat meetings 2.

Downloading Data Files

Favourites The report will show you summary information about those favourites such as longest losing streak, longest winning streak etc. Currently this shows that on race days where there are 3 meetings the favourites on the flat turf races recorded the following stats: Longest Winning Streak: 8 Average Winning Streak: 1.Is there an open database for horse racing? That depends on your definition of open. The short answer is no. I'm yet to find anything that is comprehensive and no cost.

A slightly longer answer is, sort of. This will allow you to retrieve basic racing data - the cards before that race with horse name, jockey, barrier etc and the race results post-race including the Betfair Starting Price. After interrogating the API, you'll need to obviously compile the data into your own database.

A bit of work, but feasible. Betfair has a developer programme and their are API bindings available in a number of different languages. One caveat to mention is that Betfair are upgrading their API, so this will obviously have an impact on existing programs using the old one. If anyone else has additional information or could point me in the direction of something else "free" I'd appreciate it as well.

At this page you can download all historical Betfair price data in CSV format. Kinda makes you want to disrupt that whole industry. Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit.If you have gotten to this page, you must be interested in the sport of Thoroughbred Horse Racing. Perhaps you are a casual racing fan who likes to bet the races on occasion but would like to have a better way of choosing your wagers than betting a jockey you like or the name of the horse that your spouse likes.

Maybe you are a serious handicapper looking for a way to improve your return on investment. You might even be a trainer trying to decide which races to place your charges in, or to predict how today's race might shape up. You need a reliable source of past race data, analyzed by robust and statistically proven methods to provide a predictive model Handicapper's Data Warehouse, with headquarters in the heart of the Bluegrass Country, provides exactly this information on Thoroughbred racing to horseplayers, breeders, owners, jockeys, and trainers.

There are two ways to take advantage of the power of the methods of Handicapper's Data Warehouse. First, you can download your choice of two types of handicapping reports daily for the races and tracks in which you are interested. You can handicap directly off the data provided, with a helping of your own experience. Or, if you prefer to massage your data a bit, you can download race files directly into one of our partner software packages!

Handicapping Reports. RsPos TM Running Style-Position is our own handicapping report, a complete methodology designed to help understand how a race will be run. It is the only tool used internally at HDW to handicap races!

Horse Racing Data Download

Follow the link to get more information on RsPos TM. Track Judge Reports and Performance Space Graphs were designed by Charles Judge to present a comprehensive, multifactored approach to a race in the most concise format possible. Using our proprietary databases combined with his own methodologies, he provides a unique look at predicting the outcome of a race.

Follow the link to get more information on Track Judge. Race Data Files. With a subscription to HDW, you can download our data daily to your high quality handicapping software to enhance your handicapping experience! In order to obtain a handicapping software compatible with HDW's race files, follow the link to our software page! For pricing and more information on an HDW subscription, follow the link to our pricing page!

All rights reserved. Republication or redissemination of the contents of this screen is expressly prohibited without the written consent of HDW, Inc.

All you need to win! Handicapping Reports RsPos TM Running Style-Position is our own handicapping report, a complete methodology designed to help understand how a race will be run. Race Data Files With a subscription to HDW, you can download our data daily to your high quality handicapping software to enhance your handicapping experience!

Copyright HDW, Inc.There will come a time when every professional horse racing form analyst will need to use Microsoft Excel to work with data. Horse Racing Excel data files can be created, downloaded or purchased from various data sources on the web.

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To work with horse racing excel data files, you need Microsoft Excel installed and licensed. There are different levels of horse racing excel files available across the web, free, mid-tier and premium.

Analyzing horse racing excel data allows you to calculate, adjust, fine tune and save data. If you find yourself spending hours with printed out horse racing form guides, notes, comments and then trying to go back and perform any analysis then its time to make the investment and learn how to work with data in excel.

Horse racing excel data can be used at a basic level for viewing, filtering and saving to very advanced degrees with automated calculations and advanced algorithms. Before we begin, please download the horse racing excel data sample provided in this tutorial. Once download, open the file on your computer. An essential step before working with horse racing excel data is to ensure you can read the data.

It is best practice when working with horse racing excel data purchased or downloaded from the web to leave the original worksheet as is. Please proceed to the next section. Sorting is one of the most used features in Microsoft Excel. When it comes to horse racing excel data, it can help zone in on some potentially good horses.

Excel has two types of sorting functions, ascending and descending. So why is this so important when it comes to working with horse racing excel data? You may want to quickly identify all the horses across the entire race meeting for the day in each race and use them in an in-play betting strategy on Betfair. Now, if you had to do this manually, you would be clicking or browsing through some form guide or speed map in a website trying to identify each runner and who will lead in each race.

You now have learned how to sort data columns with horse racing excel data. Feel free to sort by other columns and further explore. You should be left with three runners from the horse racing excel data file. Conditional formatting is a handy feature for horse racing excel analysis because it can highlight highly rated runners in green, and low rated runners in red.

Working with horse racing excel data you can the calculate data quickly. For example, a few races have gone past, and you have identified that there is a leader bias and want to combine a horses settle position with its overall rank.

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