2021 specialized enduro review

This latest model receives a whole new frame and a revised Brain, as well as some rather radical for cross-country geometry. The frame has mm of travel, controlled by the custom RockShox Brain shock. The Brain itself is located just behind the rear axle, which has allowed Specialized to move the brake caliper on to the chainstays. This vertical flexibility is said to be improved by the relocation of the caliper, while the triangle is also 15 per cent stiffer under pedalling lateral loads.

2020 Specialized Enduro Elite 29 // Bike Review

They also both feature a five-position dial to allow you to tune the sensitivity of the Brain. On the fork, this is mounted at the top of the right-hand leg and can be adjusted as you ride. Its Roval Control Carbon rims, with a 25mm internal width, are built on to DT Swiss hubs, which are shod in a pair of 2.

Finishing kit is all Specialized, with an S-Works level carbon post and bar, an XC stem and its Power Expert saddle finishing things off. Setting the Brain to its softest option helps and, on the fork, the guide pressures are fairly accurate. With light wheels, low-treaded tyres and suspension that firms itself up, the Epic is pretty pro at climbing. The tyres are deliciously supple, which really helps them mold forgivingly around rocks and roots on more technical climbs, and offer a ton of grip.

While the Brain can be set to be more sensitive, if the climb is smooth yet loose you may still lose out a touch here, unless you want to run lower tyre pressures to compensate, because the shock will still likely be closed. The opening of the system is almost instant and never delayed enough to particularly cause an issue within its sensitivity boundaries. When the shock is allowed to circulate through its travel, the anti-squat and compression tune of the shock seem to work well together to give a really assertive platform through which to push.

It helps drive the bike forward over chattery climbs. Over very pronounced rooty flat sections that same feeling does seem to lead the bike to hang up a little on said roots.

Specialized Epic Pro (2021) first ride review

Further back-to-back testing is really needed here, though, to find out the true differences, but it feels like Specialized has given the bike a fairly aggressive feel through the pedals, which many will like. When stomping on the pedals, the frame and wheelset feel stiff, giving very little in the way of side-to-side flex.

This helps generate speed, but also helps the bike feel precise and accurate when sprinting up hills or out of turns. The big news is the shape of the new Epic. With a mm reach, low mm bottom bracket and a The shape, along with the short offset fork, make it an absolute pleasure to carve through corners and give the Epic almost unrivalled stability on steeper and faster tracks.

You can really hoik the bike into a catch berm or pop the front wheel over the start of a rock garden and then hang on as the bike seems to float through the chunder with minimal fuss.

Field Test: 2021 Specialized Epic EVO S-Works - The Most Versatile

On smooth, flowy trails, the speeds the Epic seems to gain are impressive. It corners well, while giving you the confidence to pedal harder and brake later.

The fork opens nicely and cycles smoothly through its limited travel. The rear suspension, once open, gets on well with the job, being smooth and amply progressive. Lightweight rubber does feel great on climbs, and the thin sidewalls only accentuate the smoothness possible from the bike, but, with a stiff carbon rim, it only took one errant rock on my first run to put a hole in it.

The carbon wheels feel great on the climbs, with their light weight aiding reaction to accelerations. I found they inflated tubeless very easily, too. Their stiff build yet again helps with climb feel, but as with any fly-weight, stiff wheelset, can be prone to a little bit of pinging when really pushed over rocks.

The Brain suspension system gives it some of the advantages of a hardtail and lots of a full-suspension bike. Riding since the age of 13, Technical Editor Tom has ridden hundreds of bikes over the past few years, from aero race bikes to EWS-ready enduro rigs, with a fair few others in between.

Most likely found in the woods practicing his scandi-flicks.Oct 6, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account? Sign up. Specialized's latest version of the Stumpjumper EVO has undergone a number of revisions forreceiving more travel, more adjustability, and more internal storage than ever before.

There's no longer a dedicated Construction and Features The new Stumpjumper EVO's carbon frame has a similar silhouette to its predecessor, with the single-sided Sidearm front triangle design, but the new frame is lighter and can hold more snacks and tools in the downtube. The claimed weight for an S4 frame is grams 6. A spring loaded multi-tool still sits in the steerer tube, along with a chain tool and a quick link. Extra storage room means you can carry more gummy bears, or use the oz bladder to bring your fluid of choice.

There's plenty of chain slap protection, and a little flap to keep rocks from getting pinched between the swingarm and front triangle. Geometry adjustments no longer take place at the shock mount - that's moved to the chainstays. It first debuted as an aluminum frame inand even when the carbon frame was eventually released there were only two sizes available. That's no longer the case — Specialized has gone all in with the newest version, offering a total of six sizes, from S1 — S6.

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That gives a reach range of to mm in the stock setting. The new version is incredibly adjustable, thanks to an included headset insert that allows for 1-degree of head angle adjustment in either direction. There's also a chip on the chainstays that allows for another. That means it's possible to set the bike up with an extra-slack degree head angle, or to steepen the head angle to a more conservative That gives the size S4 a mm reach, Overall, the reach numbers are modern without going too crazy, but riders looking for something even longer could easily size up without running into fit-related issues.

2021 specialized enduro review

The largest two sizes, S5 and S6, get longer chainstays to help accommodate the taller riders that will be riding them. Flip chips in the chainstays allow for.What makes it such a party animal? However, the bike was only available in two sizes.

The Stumpjumper EVO is much less radical on the first glance, but it fits better into the future line-up. This is made possible by an optionally available rocker link. However, the geometry of the new Stumpy EVO can be extensively adapted even without having to swap out the rocker link. Besides the flip chip on the chainstay, which allows you to adjust the bottom bracket height, the angle-adjust headset also gives you the option of adjusting the head tube angle between 63— Even if the bike looks very similar to the previous Stumpjumper, Specialized have overhauled the geometry as well as the rear end.

The leverage ratio of the new Stumpy is more progressive and the wheel path is more rearward. The travel has also been increased to mm.

Specialized continue to rely on their proven asymmetric frame design to ensure optimal stiffness of the front triangle. For several years now, Specialized have been designating their MTB frame sizes with S1, S2, S3 etc, which stands for style specific sizing.

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In other words, the rider can choose the frame sizes depending on their preferred riding style. Ideally, you can choose from up to three possible frame sizes. If you usually ride a frame size M, the S3 Specialized will make for a good all-rounder. You can also resort to the S2 model for more agile handling or ride the bike in S4 for maximum composure. This is made possible by short seat tubes with a length of only — mm, which also provides a lot of freedom of movement on the bike.

Particularly short or tall riders have a little less choice. As already mentioned, the new Stumpjumper EVO not only has a flip chip in the chainstay via which you can adjust the bottom bracket height by 7 mm, you can also use various headset cups to adjust the head angle in three positions from 63— That already gives you six different configurations.

On top of that, the bike can be ridden with a Aug 18, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account? Sign up. Specialized applies those three letters to models that are a bit more capable than their standard fare. In this case, the Epic EVO gets more travel - a mm fork and mm out back - whereas the race-ready Epic has just mm on both ends. On top of that, Specialized also uses traditional suspension on the EVO as opposed to the pedal-assisting Brain system on the normal Epic.

All five of my test bikes look at the challenge from different angles, with Transition taking the most extreme approach and Cannondale doing the opposite by assembling their's around the standard Scalpel frame that gets a bump in travel. Not a bad way to do it, especially if you aren't aiming to make a bike that's on the bleeding edge of the category; don't assume being the first is always a good thing.

Specialized split the difference with this bike by using the standard Epic's front triangle and then attaching an EVO-specific rear-end for better suspension performance. And on the trail, that's exactly how it feels.

While the Spur does a good job of pretending to be a short-travel trail bike, and the Scalpel SE does a good job of being a long-travel cross-country bike, the Epic EVO sits somewhere between them. Let's get the grumbles out of the way first, with one being the combo of a mm seat tube remember, same front triangle as the race-y Epic with a mm dropper post. Timed Testing. The Pinkbike Field Test was made possible with clothing, protection, and support from Giro.

Control tires provided by Schwalbeand power meters provided by SRM. Filming took place at The Backyard pub in Squamish.

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DutchmanPhotos Aug 18, at JSTootell Aug 18, at That would highlight where most of the bang for your buck is, as well as make it much easier to compare the sub-Sworks build specs. BUT as is often repeated here, supply and demand. They can sell it for that price bc people will pay it.

But if you are paying it, then you are either rich or lack common sense. Reports have the regular Epic EVO coming in around Specialized - like every other bike company in the world - is trying to make money selling bicycles.

If you don't want wheels that are hand built from the rims up buy something cheaper. ChristophColombo Aug 18, at Only the S-Works comes with the Control SLs - all the other models have the Control Carbons, which are about g heavier nearly a pound.One thing is certain: enduro bikes are booming and the choice and variety of bikes has never been better.

We gathered the current most exciting models for this group test and put them through their paces. What is the best enduro bike of and what should you look for in a bike? Our group test reveals which is the best enduro bike currently available and which secures our Best Value Tip.

Let us tell you now: there were quite a few exciting innovations and results. The mountain bike market is constantly changing and bikes have evolved in leaps and bounds over the years. Trail bikes are becoming increasingly capable and enduro bikes have become even more efficient. Nevertheless, the difference between trail and enduro bikes is relatively easy to explain: trail bikes are all-rounders that excel at riding up and down every kind of trail, as our high-end trail bike group test proves.

Enduro bikes are even more capable on the descents. They take big hits in their stride and let you conquer the roughest terrain with ease. Conversely, on flowing, flat trails, enduro bikes often feel like a bit too much bike and tend to feel indirect or sedate.

The season saw loads of exciting new and even more capable enduro bikes introduced. Orbea have worked on the suspension of the Rallon, increasing the travel and making it more progressive, all with the help of a new rocker link.

We had the brand new Norco Sight C1 on test, which Norco actually position between their trail and enduro bike offerings. However, with its promising geometry and mm travel up front, it fit into this enduro group test perfectly.

Canyon Strive CFR 9. Trek Slash 9. When we choose which bikes to include in a group test we orientate ourselves by what our readers want and our reader survey is the most important tool we have in finding out exactly what that is.

2021 specialized enduro review

To read the reviews of these bikes, simply click on the respective link. However, we wanted to find how different the handling of the In this case, we traveled to Sanremoas we did for our last high-end enduro bike group test, where we were assisted by Italian enduro veteran Manuel Ducci. The Due Muri Trail once again served up the perfect test track. After a quick start with open corners, rock-slabs, terraces and a few compressions, the demanding lower part of the trail offers steep slopes, drops, rock gardens and tight hairpin bends.

For this group test, five riders traveled to Sanremo, while we also had a bunch of eager testers put the bikes to test on the trails around our Alpine office.If you want a one-line summary, the new Enduro Elite is fast as hell.

With its low-slung shock now piercing the front triangle, travel has been upped to mm, although we actually measured 6mm more than claimed. Both halves of the carbon Elite frame are identical to the Specialized Enduro S-Works version we tested back in February, albeit without the g weight saving of the carbon links.

The shock position keeps weight low, and the new linkage gives a pretty progressive leverage curve that aids small-bump sensitivity and bottom-out resistance. It also has significantly more anti-squat, and combined with the steeper seat angle, this improves pedalling efficiency and composure. Alongside the increased anti-squat and travel, Specialized trumpets a more rearward axle path as advantageous. In-house bar and stem put function before form.

For Specialized, good aftercare service and support is as important as offering good value on the showroom floor, and this is reflected in the lower-tier kit fitted.

At Specialized ditched its in-house dropper post program recently, so the Elite build gets an X-Fusion Manic that works really well, but seatpost insertion with the pierced frame design is limited.

Ribbed chain guard helps battle the rattle. If you want a one-line summary, the new Specialized Enduro Elite is fast as hell. The rear end glides over repeated hits and retains all the speed gravity bestows on it.

Cut smooth arcs through turns, smash through the rough stuff any way you want and this rock-solid frame keeps pointing true and stays calm. The Enduro climbs and pedals better than any bike with mm of travel should. Even with the shock wide open, the Enduro is incredibly efficient.

Better to just hold tight, ride off the brakes and let the bike float you to a zen-like space where any gripes about the finishing kit and price evaporate from your mind. More downhill-focussed than pretty much any other enduro bike, the latest mm Specialized Enduro makes light work of the toughest terrain. So if your main focus is maximum speed and smashing through beaten up braking bumps and repeated hits, it delivers in spades. The fly in the ointment? Home Reviews Bikes.

Product Overview Overall rating: Score 9. Pros: Blurs boundaries between enduro and downhill.

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Product: Specialized Enduro Elite review: fast as hell. Verdict More downhill-focussed than pretty much any other enduro bike, the latest mm Specialized Enduro makes light work of the toughest terrain. Details Frame: Ride-First carbon, mm travel.

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Weight: Contact: specialized. Size tested: S3. Seat angle actual: BB height: mm. Front centre: mm. Down tube: mm. Reach: mm.You are welcome to comment on all reviews, share your own experiences and ask any questions you may have. We will get back to you with answers as soon as we can. Send us an email at "review (at) goalprofits.

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2021 specialized enduro review

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2021 specialized enduro review

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